I am looking back on a challenging year - full of surprises and lots of learning

A rash of cancellations meant almost all my face to face work went - but I was able to develop, run and refine courses online.

A steep learning curve and some new co trainers and facilitators meant I worked running online conferences, courses, and workshops

The loss of a trip to Tallin ended up with running an online conference for 6 Baltic countries with technology support from a friend in Poland 


The start of 2021 was full of work in Galway and Dublin - from my computer - capacity building, visioning and planning and building new teams. Looking forward to visiting the projects in person later in the year

Available for:

Creating courses -videos and live on line

Mentoring and support

Creating and adapting ideas for a new world

Planning exciting events 2021


Developing on line work

Review current training,, and look at engaging online methods, adapt and transfer ideas to current dynamic situation within the NHS, enable staff to create new training methodology for current content


Thank you again Pete – that was absolutely spot on, and has generated some excitement in the office!

We are very appreciative indeed

Thanks again!


Feedback from Board training - Dublin Circus Project January 2021

Thank you;

Collaborative, Productive, Comprehensive and Inspiring

Creative Online Meetings

A new workshop looking at being creative developed and run this year

Being creative:

In social meetings

In team meetings

In networking meetings



“You are the most authentic trainer I have ever met in 20 years of teaching"

Teacher on Train the trainers course

 Nottingham 2019

“Very supportive and made the training enjoyable, quick at picking up issues and acting in a positive way.” Playworker on training course.

Pembroke 2019

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