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Circus Activities as a Health Intervention for Children, Youth, and Adolescents: A Scoping Review

Not a very exciting title , but an exciting read- collating all the research ( up to spring 2023 ) the writers look at the impact of Circus.

Circus being good for  fundamental of movement, physical literacy, perseverance, positivity, self image

The research studies look at a range if interventions and the success in different settings
The paper looks at physical capacity and how circus can suport motor skills, developing fundamentals of movement and physical literacy.
Another section of the report is about social and emotional benefits of Circus - learning together, making choices, creativity and experimentation.
Circus has been studied in a range of settings, educational, social, therapeutic and there is ample evidence of gains in all areas, One finding is that for every £1 invested there is a £7 return

I am working with teachers and trainers in the North West of England and will be integrating the new evidence into training this term


Available for:

Creating courses


Videos and live on line work

Mentoring and support plans

Creating and adapting ideas for

new situations


Developing on line work

Imposter Syndrome

Review current training,, and look at engaging online methods, adapt and transfer ideas to current dynamic situation within the NHS, enable staff to create new training methodology for current content


Thank you again Pete – that was absolutely spot on, and has generated some excitement in the office!

We are very appreciative indeed

Thanks again!


Following lots of discussions at Circus Village in Swansea I have been reading and collaborating with trainers to create materials on "Imposter syndrome " for a new workshop/course for later in 2023

University of the 3rd Age

I am working on the fifth year of a course for this group = Focus on circus for health and wellbeing - we are recruiting new participants and we are excited about setting goals for the new  term



“You are the most authentic trainer I have ever met in 20 years of teaching"

Teacher on Train the trainers course

 Nottingham 2019

“Very supportive and made the training enjoyable, quick at picking up issues and acting in a positive way.” Playworker on training course.

Pembroke 2019

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