New Training Courses  June July 2020

I am re writing courses and creating new ones ! 

In partnership with a "Good Life " foundation in Poland I co ran a 7 workshop course looking at exploring issues on line - it was well recieved off a steep learning curve !  We explored  :Groupwork, resilience, conflict, inclusion, co-operation, review and evaluation on line

I was comissioned to write a course on "Creative online meetings" for networks in North Wales

Pilot worked well and courses are selling out - looking at supporting social meetings, team meetings and networking meetings


Example 1 Circus and Games for Physical Literacy

A course people with responsibility for promoting health and fitness

This course has been attended by teachers, headteachers, healthy schools staff, early years staff, sports coaches, health and well-being staff .

Up to 20 participants

A practical /physical course supported by an individual learning pack


Explore ideas about physical literacy

Experience games and activities

Practical training in circus skills

Looking at adapting and applying ideas to a range of settings

Enjoyable and fun


What is physical literacy?

What competencies are to be built?

Need to increase skill, control and co-ordination

Activities around moving, balancing, throwing and catching, dexterity

Activities promoting teamwork, trust, problem solving and growth mindset

Creativity and developing areas, activities, programme

Planning to take ideas back

Example 2   Global Learning, Local Lessons

Commissioned by  St Josephs School and Swansea Siavonga partnership

Preparation Series of meetings and design with staff. Integration of materials from Oxfam

Aims  Raise awareness of global issues, strengthen links between schools in Wales and Zambia

Content  One day event for 60 pupils – participative activities including interviewing experts, and planning collaboration

Outcomes   A day with a school generating activities to use as part of the exchange based on the website “Dollar Street


Example 3 Physical Literacy in Early Years

Commissioned by  Healthy Wales

Preparation  Meetings and discussions with staff from Health Wales. Integration of work by Occupational Therapists

Aims  Explore core competencies, inform and build confidence and competence

Content 3 days of professional development across mid Wales . Practical playing games/activities, design activities that promote a cycle of confidence/competence/motivation. Planning application

Outcomes  Personal action plans, a booklet for practitioners


Example 4 Resilience and Circus

Commissioned by  Gloucester University

Preparation Negotiation with staff – integration of ideas from ARTPAD course (Achieving resilience through play and drama)

Aims  Engage pupils, explore resilience in creative playful ways

Content Two workshops with teenagers using balance, juggling, skipping, and reflection/problem solving

Outcomes  Positive feedback, exploring how work could be used in outreach and engagement programmes

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