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New Training Courses  September 2023

I am re writing courses and creating new ones ! 

I worked in Germany and Slovenia on "Ideas of Inclusion" and a range of new ideas and activities were generated . Funding from Arts Council England enabled 8 courses to be run and the course is being adapted for a range of settings  

Imposter Syndrome

I am working with other trainers in designing a course to look at what happens to people, how to support people , and how to build organisations that reduce the potential for people to get Imposter syndrome

Example - Creative and Active

A project in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and Greentop Community Circus

Working with less physically active pupils  

CPD with school and circus staff , creating online materials, and "circus bags" for pupils

The course allows pupils to explore circus as a vehicle for learning and being active

Course being rolled out and developed including the addition of a "Chatbot" resource

Example Conference Facilitation

Commissioned by Circusworks (UK Youth Circus Network)

Working with software designers and technical support developing a polatform that looks as close as possible to a "real conference"  - Lobby on arrival, keynote plenaries, parallel workshops , people can self manage their journeys moving from room to room

We have run a series with up to 80 people participating , 8 workshops of international speakers

In 2021  we ran 16 conferences

Example  Creative Online Meetings

 Commissioned by PlayWales I ran three sessions on training on line - creative engagement , building community, challenge, confidence, participation, Using a range of platforms and engagement tools.

Example Visioning and Teambuilding

Using Arts Council recovery grants organisations in Birmingham and Newcastle looked at their sustainability. I worked with them on vision, direction, stepping stones, indicators and ran a mix and match programme of training 

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