Meppel - work at University - teacher training conference  on "you could not be further from the truth "  looking at the things you tell yourself and how they may disable you

Postponed until March 2021

Glastonbury Festival, and British Jugglling Convention and European Juggling Convention

Postponed until 2021 

"Wires Crossed "  Festival Galway  -  Wire walking festival and gravity park public participation event

Postponed until July 2021

Barnaby Fair - creating a "Town full of clowns "  training people to run games and fill the town with laughter

Now Online  all completed films can be seen at Barnaby Festival Website

2020 !

A diary full of exciting events has been decimated :

I am busy adjsting to new circumstance, readiing and creating new materials

Poland - a course up and running with Polish Managers - 6 sessions looking at online work Completed well recieved and planing for part 2

Estonia - Facilitating a Baltic Conference looking at building capacity with young trainers Completed and planning underway for 2021

Sheffield - Creating physically distanced PE lessons - the CPD, taster, course and "measuring the magic" evaluation Now Live with teachers trying materials

Italy Playfulness festival - "making the case for play"  Contributed to this amazing festival, review soon and plans for 2021 being created

"Creative online meetings " workshop comissioned, pilot run and more courses booked  into September 2020




November - Cologne - Educators and Facilitators conference

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